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Best Phono Preamp For AT-LP120

I recently spent a rainy Sunday testing different preamps on my (highly modified) Audio-Technica AT-LP120. I was curious to see how much impact different preamps have on the sound quality

Where to Buy a Turntable (Record Player)

Turntables (and record players) have become popular again and can be found in hypermarkets, department stores and online marketplaces. We’ll look at the best places to shop for turntables is

Best Amplifier/Receiver for AT-LP120

In this article, we’ll pick the best amplifiers/receivers to pair with the Audio-Technica AT-LP120 turntable. A turntable I own and use for vinyl spinning myself. I will show you the

The 4 Best Turntables for Sonos

In this guide, I’ll review turntables that are perfect companions for Sonos. I will then describe how to connect turntables to Sonos, Bluetooth and wired. If you have one or

Best Affordable Amplifiers for Turntables

Vinyl records and turntables are loved for their ability to reproduce warm, smooth and rich sound. When we pick an amplifier to use with our turntable or record player, it

9 Best Turntables with Built-In Preamp

In this article, we’ll review 9 great turntables with built-in preamp (phono stage).  We’ll first look at 4 great budget and affordable options. Then we’ll review 5 higher quality turntables