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How do I Stop My Record from Skipping?

As music and vinyl lovers, little is more frustrating than when the turntable needle skips around in the record grooves and make ugly noises when we’re playing our favorite record

27 Ways to Make Your Vinyl Records Sound Better

Vinyl records can sound amazing. That’s why so many Hi-Fi enthusiasts (Audiophiles) love the format. Myself included. But vinyl can also sound really bad. Dirty records full of static electricity

Best Way To Play Vinyl Records On A Budget

As a vinyl and turntable enthusiast, I have everything from cheap suitcase-style record players to audiophile turntables at home.  When someone asks me what I think is the best way

How to Store Vinyl Records

As vinyl collectors and music lovers, we need to make sure that our precious records don’t deteriorate in storage. It is super key to store our albums the right way.

Is a Phono Stage the Same as a Preamp?

The most confusing part of a turntable stereo setup continues to be the preamp. It often causes a lot of confusion for people that are new to vinyl records and

How Much Does a Good Turntable Cost?

It can sometimes be difficult to find the sweet spot between the quality of the vinyl gear we want to buy and the money we want to spend when shopping