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Connect Victrola to External Speakers (3 Methods)

There are essentially three ways to connect a Victrola suitcase turntable to external speakers. Method 1: Connect Victrola to wired powered speakers  Method 2: Connect Victrola to wireless Bluetooth speakers using a

Best Speakers for Victrola Suitcase Turntable

After testing different external speakers with my Victrola Journey suitcase turntable, I found that affordable powered speakers increased the sound quality dramatically, whereas super-cheap PC speakers didn’t really enhance the

Connect Sonos Roam to Turntable (3 Methods)

There are essentially three ways to connect a Sonos Roam speaker to a turntable or record player.  We’ll go through each method in detail in this guide.  Method 1: Use a

Victrola Suitcase Record Player FAQ (with Pics)

In this article, I’ll use my vinyl enthusiasm and electronics engineering skills to answer the most common questions about the Victrola Vintage 3-Speed Bluetooth Portable Suitcase Record Player with Built-in

17 Great Turntable Mods and Upgrades

As vinyl enthusiasts, most of us share a common trait. We want more from our turntables and record players. Better sound. Less noise and disturbance. Tweaking, improving, upgrading and modifying

Best Powered Speakers for Pro-Ject Turntables

In this guide, I have picked the very best powered speakers to pair with Pro-Ject’s entry-level performance turntables like the Debut Carbon, Essential, T1 and Primary. Pro-Ject are arguably the